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What Is The King Ranch?

As you might have guessed - King Ranch trucks are especially big in Texas. Ford says more than 40% of all Super Duty King Ranch pickups are sold in the Lone Star State. King Ranch was founded in 1853 by Richard King in what is now Kingsville, Texas and consumes 825,000 acres. The "running W" brand used on Ford trucks today first saw duty in the 1860's and was officially registered on February 9th, 1869.

running w brand

running w brand

When the ranch needed a lot of trucks they partnered with Ford in 1999. The King Ranch name started being marketed on the 2001 F-150 and became so successful it was introduced to the Super Duty pickup and the Expedition.

Ford F-150 King Ranch vs Platinum Trims

For a lot of people the difficulty in picking out a truck isn’t in deciding what model they want, but instead the particular trim that works best for them. If you’ve decided on a Ford F-150, or are at least curious about it, then narrowing it down to the trim can be pretty difficult, since there’s many differences. Two of the higher-end options that often get compared are the Ford F-150 King Ranch vs Platinum Trims.

For a high-end truck, there not much separating the two in terms of price, so what do these trucks all have to offer? Both of them come standard with powerful 5.0L V8 engines that can accomplish most jobs with ease, but also have an optional upgrade to the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 for improved efficiency and towing. They also both come standard with one of our favorite entertainment options: the 10-speaker Sony audio system with an amp.

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Ford F-150 King Ranch   Ford F-150 Platinum
5.0L V8 Standard Engine 5.0L V8
18" Painted Aluminum Standard Tires 20" Painted Aluminum
Standard Running Boards Powered
King Ranch Leather Seats Multi-Contour Leather

Differences between the Ford F-150 King Ranch and Platinum Trims

Many of the differences you’ll find between the F-150 King Ranch and F-150 Platinum trim are small things like one having body-colored skullcaps on the mirrors, and the other offering chrome. But these small differences can add up to make a truck feel or look very different when put side by side. Another one that seems small at first is the wrapping on the steering wheel. The King Ranch has mesa leather and the Platinum uses a black leather.

Speaking of leather, the King Ranch comes with the trim logo embedded onto the seat design, whereas the Platinum takes another approach. It instead is fitted with unique multi-contour leather to provide maximum comfort. The Platinum also provides a few features that offer loads of convenience, like the power running boards that deploy when you open a door, and the standard rain sensing wipers.

2013 king ranch