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Dodge Ram Truck History


1917 forward

Yes, Dodge had produced trucks since 1917, but the 1981 pickups were the first to sport the Ram name. Dodge actually used a Ram's head hood ornament back in 1933 to characterize its trucks as rugged vehicles. The symbol was dropped in the 1950s and then resurrected for 1981 when Lee Iacocca (then President and CEO at Chrysler Corp.) and Dodge's marketing team decided to name Dodge's trucks after the tough beast and brought back the old mascot.



In 1994 Dodge introduced and  all-new Ram  and it  was an immediate hit with its combination of powerful engine lineup and car-like interior. Available only in a standard cab, the Ram's model designations changed to 1500 (half ton), 2500 (three-quarter ton) and 3500 (one ton). Dodge boasted that the new Ram was the largest full-size standard cab pickup available and, as a result, had the most passenger and in-cab cargo room. Wheelbases measured in at either 118.7 inches (6.5-foot bed) or 134.7 inches (8-foot bed).



The "Ram Truck", previously referred to as the "Dodge Ram" has been a mainstay in the full-size pickup truck market for years. Manufactured by Dodge, the Ram was first introduced in 1981 as part of a re-design and relaunch of the Dodge D Series line of trucks. Both rugged and distinct, you can tell a Ram truck by its signature ram head logo that is proudly displayed on the hood and tailgate.


Currently in its fourth generation, this power-house pickup has been named "Truck of the Year" three times by Motor Trend and continues to be popular for both performance parts and accessories. Available in the 1500, 2500 and 3500 models, sporting a hefty array of work engines ranging from a 3.7L V6, 5.7L Hemi to the popular Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Turbo diesel.


With a heavy payload for towing, current models including the 2010 Dodge Ram and the 2011 Dodge Ram provide towing capacity up to 15,500 lbs. Accessory friendly, be sure to give your Ram the new looks it deserves with poplar Dodge Ram accessories such as Dodge Ram Floor Mats to keep that carpet fresh, Dodge Ram Lift Kits to give you that extra clearance you need to get where you are going and Ram Tonneau Covers to help keep your gear out of the weather. Don't be left out, choose from our wide selection of Dodge Ram accessories today.


History of the Dodge Ram


Over the years, the Ram truck has come to embody everything an American pickup truck should be. It's an American classic, a true powerhouse, the predominant full-size pickup. The real kicker is that the Ram Truck, previously known as the Dodge Ram, only took three decades to make a lasting mark on the automotive market. Since its inception in 1981, this legendary truck has been through four generations of body styles, engine designs, and various other modifications. Through it all, the Ram has performed at a level that has yet to be matched, and will continue to remain a forerunner in power, style, and design.


Currently manufactured by the Chrysler Group LLC, the Ram was initially the brainchild of Dodge, being the first in a lineup made to replace the Dodge D Series truck. Dodge used the powerful "Ram" title as a tribute to the hood ornament their vehicles used in the earlier part of the twentieth century. In 1981, both the two-wheel drive Ram and the four-wheel drive Power Ram were made available to the public. In the years to come, the Dodge Ram would see many changes to its engine, interior, trim, and cab, changes that would eventually make it one of the most popular trucks on today's market.


The most powerful and influential of these changes was, of course, the use of the Cummins diesel engine. Now hailed as one of the most innovative and dependable engines in existence, at the time, the Cummins B Series was a radical change from the typical diesels Ford and GM had been offering. While most other truck companies were stuck on V8 diesel engines, the Cummins B Series gave the Ram a new straight-six design, direct injection, turbocharged power, and the ability to work without glowplugs. It was from this dynamic engine upgrade that the Ram began to see true popularity, and as its style evolved to match its power, the Ram began to form into something we're much more familiar with.


It was the second generation of Ram truck that brought the ever popular "big rig" appearance into play. Beginning in 1994, Dodge decided that their truck line should have an incredibly aggressive, bold design. Dodge wanted a look that anyone could recognize instantly. With the addition of a massive grille and bulky, muscled front-end style, the Ram finally acquired its own unique appearance that would forever set it apart from the competition. Because of this tough new look, people no longer needed to see a logo to spot a Ram. Now they only needed a glimpse.


As it stands, the modern Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 are some of the most hardworking, dependable trucks available anywhere in the world, and proof is plain to see. The Ram Heavy Duty won Motor Trend magazine’s "Truck of the Year" award in 2010, and then the Ram 1500 won it shortly after in 2013. With the Ram's unmistakably bold design, powerful engine options, great towing capacity, and superior safety features, it's a full-size truck worth owning, and one of the easiest to upgrade.


Source: AutoTruckToys.com

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